Delivery Locations

You can choose to receive your products by pickup in our stores, delivery to home or office, or you can collect from a courier location. Here is the information you need to know.

Pickup in Store

During the process of buying online, you can select to pickup your productos from the following stores.

Store El Dorado

Store San Francisco

Click here to see hours, locations and photos of the pickup points.

Delivery to Home or Office

During the process of buying online, you can select to receive delivery to home or office in the following areas.

  • - Panama City
  • - Panama City North
  • - Panama City East
  • - Panama City Outskirts

Zones for Delivery to Homes or Offices

Panama City and Panama City Outskirts

Courier Pickup

During the process of buying online, you can select to receive your products by collecting them at different courier locations around the country.

These are the currently available courier locations:

    • UNO Express Changuinola

      Ave. Omar Torrijos, Plaza Changuinola

      Note: Changuinola Plaza, next to IFARHU

    • Servientrega Isla Colón

      Calle 3ra Con Calle 4ta, Bocas del Toro, Isla Colón

      Note: Servientrega Isla Colón

    • Uno Express Almirante

      Vía Principal, Al lado de Fci. San Vicente

      Note: Uno Express Almirante

    • Servientrega Changuinola

      Finca 8 A ,

      Note: Next to Universidad La Udi Antiguas, Old Offices of the Prd.

    • UNO Express David

      Ave. 4a Este, Plaza UNO Express

      Note: In front of the Obaldia Hospital

    • Fletes Chavale Calle 5ta

      En Avenida Quinta, David

      Note: Next to Universidad Latina

    • UNO Express Boquete

      Calle 19 Noreste, Alto Boquete

      Note: In front of Ferretería Dorado

    • Fletes Chavale Calle 3era

      Calle 3era, Avenida Bolívar

      Note: Next to Todo a Dólar and Caja de Ahorros

    • Fletes Chavale Boquete

      Av. A Este, Bajo Boquete

      Note: Next to Super Romero

    • Fletes Chavale Bugaba

      Ave. 1a Sur, La Concepción

      Note: Near CACSA

    • UNO Express Bugaba

      Av. 1 A Sur, La Concepción

      Note: In Front of Rancho Grande

    • UNO Express Pto. Armuelles

      Av. San José, Pto. Armuelles

      Note: Main Av. to Puerto Armuelles

    • Fletes Chavale Volcán

      Ruta 13, Vía Volcan

      Note: Near Empresas Fink

    • UNO Express Frontera

      Ave. San José, Vía Pto. Armuelles

    • UNO Express Chiriquí Grande

      Cruce de Rambala, Chiriquí Grande

      Note: Next to Terpel Station

    • Servientrega David

      Urb David Centro, , Calle 4

      Note: In front of the gas station 3 de Noviembre.

    • Fletes Chavale Agua Dulce

      Carretera Intermaricana, Agua Dulce

      Note: At the Maracativi Station

    • Fletes Chavale Penonomé

      Vía Panamericana, Calle Manuel Robles

      Note: Going through Aquilino Tejeira Hospital

    • UNO Express Penonomé

      Vía Interamericana, Iguana Mall

    • UNO Express Valle de Antón

      Carretera Las Uvas, Valle de Antón

      Note: Near Hotel Don Pepe

    • UNO Express Agua Dulce

      Calle Rafael Estevez, Agua Dulce

    • Servientrega Penonomé

      Centro Comercial Iguana Mall, Local E-15, Via Interamericana

      Note: Next to Super 99

    • Servientrega Aguadulce

      Av. Abelardo Herrera,

      Note: Behind Global Bank and diagonal to Ines Collection

    • UNO Express Colón

      Vía Transístmica, Plaza 4 Altos

      Note: Los 4 Altos, next to Melo

    • Servientrega Colón

      Calle 10 Entre Av. Roosevelt y Av. Sta. Isabel. Local 1,

      Note: In front of the Monaco building

    • UNO Express Chitré

      Av. Dr. Belisario Porras, Chitré

      Note: In front of the PUMA gas station, diagonal to Hotel Karla

    • Servientrega Chitré

      Plaza Del Sol, Local 1, Calle Julio Arjona

      Note: Chitré

    • UNO Express Las Tablas

      Calle 3 de Noviembre, Las Tablas

      Note: Behind Royal Gin

    • UNO Express Pedasí

      Ave. Doctor Belisario Porras, Pedasí

      Note: In front of PUMA Station

    • Servientrega Pedasí

      Edif. Farmacia Edith , Av. Dr. Belisario Porras con Calle Agustín Moscos

      Note: Pedasí

    • UNO Express Santiago

      Carretera Interamericana, Santiago

      Note: Next to Hotel Galeria

    • Fletes Chavale Santiago

      Av. Central, Calle 15a

      Note: In front of Plaza Palermo

    • Servientrega Santiago

      Plaza Tío Fabio, local 4, Calle 15A

      Note: Central Avenue Hector Santa Coloma.

    • Uno Express Soná

      Vía Principal, Hotel La Ola

      Note: Hotel La Ola

    • UNO Express Gorgona

      Carretera Panamericana, Gorgona Beach Plaza

    • UNO Express La Chorrera

      Ave. Las Americas, La Chorrera

      Note: In front of Plaza Italia

    • UNO Express Vista Alegre

      Carretera Panamericana, Plaza Fenix

    • UNO Express Paseo Arraiján

      Carretera Panamericana, Paseo Arraiján

    • Servientrega La Chorrera

      Av. Las Américas Ed. 5E local 2,

      Note: In front of the MOP (Ministerio de Obras Publicas).

  • *Important: the system will calculate the cost of delivery in your area automatically, so it is very important to choose the correct area at the time of purchase.

  • Zones for Courier Pickup

    All Panamá