Forza FUB-1245 - UPS Battery, 4.5Ah, 12V

Forza FUB-1245 Isometric View
Forza FUB-1245 Isometric Left View
Forza FUB-1245 Front View
  • UPS Battery | 4.5AH | 12V
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Brand: Forza
Model: FUB-1245

Forza FUB battery line uses the latest innovation in lead-acid technology to make it an extremely versatile battery that is highly useful in a diverse range of applications. Its one-of-a-kind hermetic structure does not require maintenance, being possible to place it in any position without risk of degrading its capacity or spilling the electrolyte. The latest advances guarantee compliance with ecological requirements in the manufacture of this line of batteries

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Brand Forza
Model FUB-1245
Specifications 4.5Ah/12V
Features • Battery Backup: Provides backup power from the battery during brownouts, preventing the loss of critical information while minimizing the effects of a force shutdown. It stores enough energy in order to shut down the equipment in the proper way.

• No maintenance required: Rechargeable battery that can be placed in any position and does not require maintenance. Ideal for cyclical or floating load regime, designed to be loaded and unloaded regularly.

• Lead Acid Battery with Regulating Valve: The pressure relief valve is activated when the battery begins to build pressure caused by internal gases and as a result of being recharged.

• Sealed Structure: AGM (Absorved Glass Mat) spacers help extend battery life by reducing traditional damage caused by spills and vibrations.
Dimensions(cm) 9.0 x 7.0 x 10.1
Weight 1.2Kg


FUB-1245-Datasheet Download


Forza Standard Warranty

Warranty Period:
1 Year Warranty

Who do I contact if my product has issues?
You can return your product directly to Pana Compu and we will manage any warranty issues directly with Forza for you. You may also contact Forza directly using your Pana Compu invoice to receive your warranty. All warranty decisions are made by Forza and are final.