Kingston KCP548US8-16 - RAM Memory Module, 16GB(1x 16GB), 288-pin DDR5 SDRAM DIMM, for Desktop, 4800MHz, CL40

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  • Kingston KCP548US8-16 | 16GB(1 x 16GB) | 4800MHz
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Brand: Kingston
Model: KCP548US8-16

Kingston memory has been designed, manufactured and rigorously tested to meet the exact specifications of each system of a specific brand. Compatibility and technical support are backed by a lifetime warranty and Kingston's renowned reliability.

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Brand Kingston
Model KCP548US8-16
Memory Specifications
Type DDR5
Memory Capacity 16GB
Memory Speed 4800MHz
CAS Latency CL40
Buffered/Unbuffered Unbuffered
Rank Single Rank
Physical Specifications
Heat Spreader No
Voltage 1.1V


Kingston Limited Warranty

Warranty Period:
Lifetime Warranty

Who do I contact if my product has issues?
You can return your product directly to Pana Compu and we will manage any warranty issues directly with Kingston for you. You may also contact Kingston directly using your Pana Compu invoice to receive your warranty. All warranty decisions are made by Kingston and are final.