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Author: Joe González

Are you looking to purchase the Samsung Odyssey G5? There are many monitors in Panamá with different prices, specs and unique features, so with the help of Pana Compu’s technical team we have written this blog to show you a detailed review of the Samsung Odyssey G5.

To review this curved monitor, we have considered its design, features, and of course, its price. The 32” Samsung Odyssey G5 is normally for sale in Panama between $480 USD and $540 USD. After reading this review, if you want to buy it or see its price at Pana Compu you can find it in the monitor section, or go directly to the Samsung Odyssey G5 page.

Samsung Odyssey G5

The Samsung Odyssey G5 is a gaming monitor with a 32” curved screen that fills every part of your peripheral vision and offers an immersive experience that makes you feel like you are inside the game and living the action.

Samsung Odyssey G5
Samsung Odyssey G5


When comparing its features with other monitors in the same price range, you will notice how the Odyssey G5 surpasses them with its large curved screen, low response times and a high resolution that will take your breath away. Below we leave you more details:

1000R Curved Screen

Its 1000R curve matches the natural curve of the human field of vision, helping you focus on what's happening and giving you a better depth perception.

Samsung Odyssey G5 32" - 1000R Curve
Samsung Odyssey G5 32" - 1000R Curve

High-End Appeal

The monitor has an ultra-thin border and a matte black carbon-fiber-textured finish on its back that gives it a high-end appeal.

Protects Your Vision

It has an Eye Saver filter to reduce the harmful blue light and anti-flicker technology to protect your eyesight and reduce eye fatigue in the middle of your games.

Technical Specs

If you want to know more details about its technical specifications, our team has compiled the most important ones in the following list:

Size and Resolution

The G5 has a 32” screen with a 1000R curvature and Quad HD (2560 x 1440p) resolution, this is almost double the pixel density of Full HD screens, offering incredibly detailed and sharp images.

Samsung Odyssey G5 32" - Resolution
Samsung Odyssey G5 32" - Resolution


It has HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.2 video ports, it also has a USB-A service port to update its software and a 3.5mm jack to connect your headphones.

Samsung Odyssey G5 32" - Ports
Samsung Odyssey G5 32" - Ports

Refresh Rate and Response Time

Thanks to its 144Hz high refresh rate and its latency of 1ms, you will be able to see all the action on your screen in a super smooth way. What happens in your games will be as fast as your own reflexes.


It has a height of 533.6mm, a width of 710.1mm, a depth of 272.6mm and a weight of 5.7kg. This monitor is VESA 7.5 x 7.5cm compatible.

Samsung Odyssey G5 32" - Dimensions
Samsung Odyssey G5 32" - Dimensions


If you are wondering what makes the Odyssey G5 different from other monitors? We would like to highlight the features that make it an ideal monitor to elevate your gaming experience:

The Whole Package

This monitor has all your gaming needs covered thanks to its 32" wide screen, its 1000R curvature that adapts to your field of vision, a Quad HD resolution and a refresh rate of 144Hz.

AMD Freesync Premium

The Odyssey G5 features AMD FreeSync technology, which improves stability and reduces stuttering and input latency, all thanks to its adaptive sync via the HDMI port.

Samsung Odyssey G5 - AMD FreeSync
Samsung Odyssey G5 - AMD FreeSync

Integrated Gaming Interface

It has a customization interface for games that includes Virtual Aim Point (custom crosshairs for shooters), image presets (FPS, RTS, RPG, etc.) and Black Equalizer (improves visibility in dark scenes).

¿Why should you get the Samsung Odyssey G5 in Panama?

The main reason why you should consider getting the 32” Odyssey G5 is to enhance your gaming experience and make it more immersive thanks to its curved screen, high image quality, and the ability to play your favorite games for several hours straight, without straining your vision. If you wish to purchase the Samsung Odyssey G5 you can see its price and buy it at Pana Compu using the following link:

Samsung Odyssey G5:

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