What are the best Processors you can buy in Panama?

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Author: Victor Marcano

When it comes processors, there are two main manufacturers: AMD and Intel. It's important to know exactly what you want to do with your PC before choosing one of these brands.

Whether you're looking for the best processor for gaming, or one with the power to help you power through the most demanding workloads. Buying the right processor can be confusing. Cores, threads, clocks, and cache are numbers we shouldn't be afraid to choose, but understanding them takes a bit of knowledge.

Cores are mini processors packed on the same chip. Traditionally, they can perform one task at a time, which means more cores make a processor better at multitasking. Threads are the number of tasks a CPU can perform at the same time.

CPUs can also include integrated graphics chips on the die itself, making them capable of running independently of dedicated graphics cards.

You can see the processors that we currently have available that you can buy now in Panama


Intel recently launched their 12th generation processors, they feature a new architecture for both laptops and desktops chips. However, most PCs and laptops right now have 11th generation processors.

Intel processor names usually have a letter at the end of the model’s name. Here is a guide to what they mean:

  • K: unlocked for overclocking 
  • H: high-performance graphics
  • T: optimized for efficient desktop computing
  • U: optimized for laptop energy efficiency
  • F: high-performance processor used with discrete graphics cards
  • X: Unlocked for extreme desktop performance

11th and 12th Generation Intel Core i9 processors

If you are looking for maximum performance, Intel Core i9 processors offer raw power ranging from 4.8GHz to 5.5GHz maximum frequency in sets of 8 to 16 cores. Designed for jobs that require high performance, so this is what we recommended for specialized and industrial work areas, such as architects, engineers or designers.

11th and 12th Generation Intel Core i7 processors

Designed for professionals or students in the fields of design, engineering or computer science and also for gamers, Intel Core i7 processors offer high performance for professional applications and entertainment. These processors have frequencies of up to 5GHz and a core count between 4 and 16.

11th and 12th Generation Intel Core i5 processors

The Intel Core i5 processors are the most versatile, these are designed to handle the tasks yo do in your day to day without interrupting your workflow, they also offer a good value for gaming computers. They have frequencies of up to 4.9GHz and have between 4 and 12 cores.

11th and 12th Generation Intel Core i3 processors

The last series offered by Intel would be the Intel Core i3 processors, which are focused on home, school or university tasks such as using office applications, browsing the web, watching videos, among others. These processors have frequencies of up to 4.4GHz and come with between 4 and 8 cores, which is more than enough for most home tasks.


Although not as popular as Intel, AMD has shown that it can deliver processors with great power and performance and is making its way as a brand that could overtake Intel.

AMD's current series would be the 5000, but they already announced that the new 7000 series will be released this year. AMD's current processors are based on different generations of the Zen architecture and use "Ryzen" as the trade name for processors based on this architecture.

Also, AMD uses a different nomenclature:

  • G: Indicates that they have dedicated graphics
  • X: These are the versions that are more suited for overclocking
  • U: Designed for energy saving, usually seen on laptops
  • H: High performance processors
  • T: Turbo or higher clock speeds

AMD Ryzen 9 5000 Series Processors

Ryzen 9 processors are the most powerful ones that AMD offers for gaming and creative work. This is the counterpart of the Intel Core i9, being equal to and even more powerful than its competition. They come with between 12 and 16 cores with frequencies up to 4GHz.

AMD Ryzen 7 5000 Series Processors

AMD Ryzen 7 processors are the most sought after by gamers, designers, and artists. They optimized for heavy-duty tasks and high-performance gaming. They offer speeds of up to 4.7GHz using the Turbo function and also there are versions with integrated graphics that are much more powerful when used for triple A games.

AMD Ryzen 5 5000 Series Processors

The AMD Ryzen 5 are the mid-range processors, they are the perfect starting point to build your first Gaming PC or to buy a laptop with good performance. These are processors for demanding workloads like video editing and also offer a good gaming experience. With maximum frequencies of up to 4.6GHz using Turbo.

AMD Ryzen 3 5000 Series Processors

And finally, we have the entry level of AMD, Ryzen 3 processors are an interesting option for a computer or laptop for family use or for study thanks to their low cost and good specs. It offers turbo frequencies up to 4.2GHz and perfect performance to handle everyday tasks.

In short: What are the best processors you can find in Panama?

Buying a computer with multiple cores and a super high clock speed sounds ideal, but do you really need that much power? You must first define the type of work you are going to do on your computer or laptop, whether it is something low-impact like editing documents or more demanding like data analysis or rendering videos.

As a rule of thumb, AMD will give you more freedom in creative work, while Intel is a better option if you need to handle large databases or more everyday tasks.

After considering your requirements, you should check what type of processor your motherboard can accept and decide which of the options suits you best. Here you can see all the processors that you can buy today in Panama.


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